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    1. Bachelor Of Agribusiness Management And Community Development
    2. Bachelor Of Agriculture And Community Development
    3. Bachelor Of Animal Health And Production
    4. Bachelor Of Arts In Development Management
    5. Bachelor Of Arts In Ethics And Human Rights
    6. Bachelor Of Arts In Theology
    7. Bachelor Of Arts With Education
    8. Bachelor Of Business Administration
    9. Bachelor Of Commercial Industrial Fine Art And Design
    10. Bachelor Of Community Psychology
    11. Bachelor Of Computer Science
    12. Bachelor Of Development Studies
    13. Bachelor Of Economics And Management
    14. Bachelor Of Education – Secondary
    15. Bachelor Of Education – Primary
    16. Bachelor Of Environmental Management
    17. Bachelor of Development Economics
    18. Bachelor Of Guidance And Counseling
    19. Bachelor Of Human Resource Management
    20. Bachelor Of Information Technology
    21. Bachelor Of Laws
    22. Bachelor Of Nursing Science
    23. Bachelor Of Office Management And Secretarial Studies
    24. Bachelor Of Procurement And Supply Chain Management
    25. Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management
    26. Bachelor Of Public Administration
    27. Bachelor Of Public Health
    28. Bachelor Of Records Management And Information Science
    29. Bachelor Of Science And Technology Education
    30. Bachelor Of Science In Agricultural Economics And Resource Management
    31. Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Sciences
    32. Bachelor Of Science With Education
    33. Bachelor Of Social Work And Social Administration
    34. Bachelor Of Sports Science
    35. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
    36. Bachelor of Planning and Community Development
    37. Bachelor of arts Journalism and Mass Communication
    38. Bachelor of Library and Information Science
    39. Diploma In Animal Health And Production
    40. Diploma in Agriculture and Community Development
    41. Diploma In Business Administration
    42. Diploma In Community Psychology
    43. Diploma In Computer Science
    44. Diploma In Development Management
    45. Diploma In Development Studies
    46. Diploma In Early Childhood Education (For Nursery School Teachers)
    47. Diploma In Ethics And Human Rights
    48. Diploma In Guidance And Counseling
    49. Diploma In Human Resource Management
    50. Diploma In Industrial Fine Art And Design
    51. Diploma In Information Technology
    52. Diploma In Law
    53. Diploma In Midwifery
    54. Diploma In Nursing Science
    55. Diploma In Office Management And Secretarial Studies
    56. Diploma In Primary Education
    57. Diploma In Procurement And Supply Chain Management
    58. Diploma In Project Planning And Management
    59. Diploma In Public Administration
    60. Diploma In Public Health
    61. Diploma In Records Management And Information Science
    62. Diploma In Science And Technology Education
    63. Diploma In Social Work And Social Administration
    64. Diploma in Accounting and Finance
    65. Diploma in Library and Information Science


    1. Master In Development Studies
    2. Master Of Agriculture And Rural Innovations
    3. Master Of Business Administration
    4. Master Of Development Studies
    5. Master Of Education In Administration And Planning
    6. Master Of Science In Counseling Psychology
    7. Master Of Social Economics And Community Management
    8. Masters Of Public Health
    9. Master of Social Work
    10. Master of Information Technology
    11. Master of Science Climatic Change and Food Security
    12. Master of Public Administration and management
    13. Master of Science in Agronomy (Dry Land Farming)
    14. Master of information technology
    15. Master of social work
    16. PhD In Agriculture And Community Innovations
    17. PhD In Development Management
    18. PhD In Development Studies
    19. PhD In Language, Culture And Society
    20. Post graduate Diploma In Counseling
    21. Postgraduate Diploma In Agriculture And Rural Innovations
    22. Postgraduate Diploma In Counseling
    23. Postgraduate Diploma In Development Studies
    24. Postgraduate Diploma In Education
    25. Postgraduate Diploma In Education Management
    26. Postgraduate Diploma In Office Management And Secretarial Studies